Testing & Certified Products Scope


Electronic and electric equipments: For example Mobile phone, computer, Television, Amplifier and Speaker, HUB, Card reader, HDD, Monitor, Security monitoring equipment, Adapter and Charger, Mode airplane, Mouse and Keyboard etc.

Battery: Li-ion battery and pack, UPS, Power Bank etc.

Smart devices smartwatch, Robot, unmanned aerial/air vehicle, Robotic sweeper, Smart socket and others smart home products.

Household Appliances: Kettle, Fan, Home Heaters, Blender Massager etc.

Lamp: LED lamps, LED Power supplier, table lamp, street lamp, Recessed luminaires, Portable luminaire etc.

Exercises machines: Running machines, electric self-balancing scooter, Electric bicycle.

Medical Appliances Medical power supply, Medical monitor, B supersonic diagnostic set,Electronic strument, medical equipment and components, massage and fitness machine.

Personal protective equipment (PPE): Helmet, Glove etc.

Toys: Electronics toys etc.