International Certification


Middle East GCC certification:

Cooperation council for gulf Arab Nations(Gulf Cooperation Council),

The seven gulf Nations include the United Arab emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Yemen

GCC is an alliance certification system in the seven countries, which applies to automobiles, toys, appliances, low-voltage electrical products and other products.



Saudi SASO certification:

SASO: Saudi Arabian Standards Organization。


Saudi SABER certification:It is the conformity certification evaluation program for non-saudi domestic enterprises (i.e. those exporting to Saudi Arabia)..

Brazil INMETRO certification:INMETRO is Brazil's national accreditation Body,Responsible for the development of Brazilian national standards. Products that meet Brazilian standards and other technical requirements must bear the mandatory INMETRO logo and the logo of an approved third party certification agency before entering the Brazilian market:




Argentina S-Mark certification:Implement s-mark mandatory certification for electrical and electronic equipment within 50-1000 Vac or 50-1500 Vdc range.