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United States of America:

FCC certification:FCC SDOC, FCC ID

FCC (Federal Communications Commission)

The FCC certification is the EMC of compulsory certification, mainly for 9 KHZ - 3000 GHZ electrical and electronic products, content involves the radio, communication and so on various aspects, especially in wireless communications equipment and radio interference problem in the system, including the radio interference limits and measurement methods, and certification system and organization management system, etc.

UL/ETL/TUVus safety certification: not compulsory,issued by NRTL (UL, Intertek, TUV),factory inspection is required.

Canada:IC, IC ID

IC (Industry Canada), As a government agency, it regulates testing standards for analog and digital terminal equipment, and IC currently only limits electromagnetic interference.IC certification is compulsory certification.

cUL,cETL,cTUV , CSA safety certification:not compulsory,issued by NRTL (UL, Intertek, TUV, CSA),factory inspection is required.

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