Asian Certification


China CCC(China Compulsory Certification)certification:

CCC certification, In cluding Safety and EMC, Factory inspection is required.

Products in the CCC list need CCC certificate to sell in China.



Japan PSE certification:PSE certification is mandatory in Japan. There are rhomboid and circular PSE certification.

Rhombus PSE has inspection requirements, circular PSE has no inspection requirements.



Japan TELEC (MIC)certification:Japan 《Radio Regulatory Commission Rules No. 18》,Model approval (technical compliance certification) of specified radio equipment. TELEC certification is mandatory and the certifying body is a registered certifying body recognized by MIC in the designated radio equipment area。TELEC(Telecom Engineering Center)Is the Japanese radio equipment conformity certification of the main registration certification body.


KC(Korea Certification) KC certification is the safety certification system of Korean electronic and electrical products, and it is the Korean technical standards institute (KATS) according to the safety management law of electrical appliances (ELECTRIC APPLIANCES SAFETY CONTROL ACT).

KC safety certification is the safety regulation requirement for electrical products in South Korea. Electrical products sold to South Korea should meet the technical requirements of KC and be certified. Only when KC logo is pasted on the products can they enter the customs for sales。

Three models for KC certification:

· Safety Certification (Need to factory inspection)

· Safety Confirmation

· Supplier SDOC Self-Declaration of conformity.

MSIP EMC Certification:

The MSIP EMC certification is the EMC requirement for electrical products in South Korea. Electrical products sold to South Korea should meet the EMC technical requirements and obtain the certification. The products can only be sold through the customs by sticking the KC mark on the products. 


India BIS(Bureau of Indian Standards)certification:

The main body of application for BIS certification is the manufacturer/factory,Currently, there are 30 categories of regulated products, which must be tested and registered to specified standards in a laboratory authorized by the Indian authorities;It is necessary to mark the certification mark on the product body or the packaging box before entering the Indian market. Otherwise, the goods cannot be cleared。



India WPC certification: Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing, WPC is the body that regulates wireless regulations in India. All wireless products must be approved by WPC before entering the market。Wireless product certification in India can be divided into two modes: ETA (Equipment Type of Approval) certification and License,The determination is based on the operating frequency band used by the applied equipment。

For free and open frequency band, ETA certification is required; If the device use other non-free frequency band, such as GSM, WCDMA mobile phones, it will need to apply for a license.